Mar 06, 2019 / FRANCE

La Joue du Loup Property Investment Guide

One of two beautiful resorts located in Le Dévoluy, La Joue du Loup opts for a more old-world charm when it comes to its appearance and style. Sharing over 100km of slopes with other local resort Superdévoluy, there’s plenty to do, see and experience across the vast mountainside and in the valleys below.

Known as a ‘wooden’ resort, the average La Joue Du Loup resort guide talks about the area's rustic, old-school atmosphere thanks to its classic wood cabins and ski lodges, further adding to the alpine feel. Known for its great nightlife, excellent shopping and fantastic slopes, this resort is one that tourists revisit and fall in love with time and time again.

Living in La Joue du Loup and Things To Do

While the first, and most obvious, benefit of this beautiful French resort is its proximity to miles of perfect snow-laden slopes, La Joue du Loup is more than just a basic ski resort. With a population of over 500 residents, there are large fluctuations in visitors, from the busy and bustling winter season to the relatively serene and quiet off-season months.

Winter season spans from late December to mid-April for La Joue du Loup, when the slopes both off and on-piste are filled with families and individuals enjoying the many miles of pristine snow and excellent weather conditions. With over 100km to enjoy, there’s plenty of room for everyone, with slopes for all difficulty levels and ski schools available too.

The Joue Du Loup snow report is on average 10-20cm on snow days, with practically every other day presenting skiers with the weather report often predicting bright sunshine and clear skies, perfect for a day out on the white stuff. With 26 lifts available and beautiful views over the towns and valleys below, it’s no surprise that La Joue Du Loup is incredibly popular with seasonal visitors. For updated snow and weather reports, take a look at our resort guide here.

A busy and active nightlife is another of the benefits of the region, with plenty of shopping during the day and access to exceptional cuisine and drinks by night, thanks to the bars, clubs and restaurants dotted around the resort for after-hours relaxation.

Beyond the chillier months, the resort is also the ideal visiting spot for those looking to get closer to nature, with miles and miles of nature walks, hikes and climbing routes for the more adventurous traveller. For those who enjoy more extreme sports, mountain biking and rock climbing routes are also freely available.

Culture & Leisure in La Joue du Loup

For visitors who prefer to spend their time off the slopes, the shopping and culture of La Joue du Loup holds plenty of experiences, from trying out some traditional French cuisine to shopping for fashion, décor and more. Connected to the area’s other large resort, Superdévoluy, it allows for even more opportunities to learn more about the area.

Off-season, La Joue du Loup offers a more sedate pace of life, in comparison to the busy and tourist-filled winter season. Enjoy the peace and quiet for some added relaxation and explore all that the area has to offer at a more leisurely pace. Flora and fauna are abounding during the warmer months, making for pleasant walks or hikes around the area.

As with any modern ski resort, facilities are also available in and around the main ski site for holidaymakers who prefer to stay off the snow, such as excellent cafes and leisure and spa facilities available both in the main resort and the nearby resort too.

Investment Potential in La Joue du Loup

La Joue du Loup is a highly desirable location for holidaymakers and investors alike, thanks to its classic design and modern approach to resort skiing. Known for its timeless design of architecture, if you’re considering buying a property in La Joue du Loup, you’ll likely be looking at classic cabins and retro chalets over modern properties.

For more modern properties, the nearby resort of Superdévoluy might be the better fit for you – but for classic alpine skiing charm, there’s little better than a traditional cabin - as most La Joue du Loup property investment guides will tell you.

In addition to the existing high-speed lifts, La Joue du Loup is continually investing in new and better technology to improve the condition and quality of their slopes. Most recently, the introduction of two new draglifts completed in 2018 further added additional capacity to the area.

Transport to La Joue du Loup

The closest airport to La Joue du Loup is the Marseille Provence Airport, which is available with connection to the resort seasonally for skiing holidays. For those who prefer to travel via car, the resort can be accessed from Marseille via the A51, or from the Paris direction via the A6 and A48. Buses and shuttles are also available seasonally.

With classic architecture and old-world charm, there’s much to love about La Joue du Loup – which is why it’s such a favourite for investors and holidaymakers alike. From retro chalets to stunning slopes, this resort is the best of both worlds – both new and old.