Dec 07, 2018 / FRANCE

Chamonix Property Investment Guide

A unique town with much to see and do, Chamonix, or Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is the perfect location for ski enthusiasts, set in the picturesque Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Complete with beautiful scenery and a wide variety of slopes to explore and enjoy, this resort town is more than simply a resort location; it's a wonderful community, with people from all over the globe flocking to enjoy all it has to offer throughout the year.

From mountaineers to world-class skiers, this busy and vibrant town is situated in one of eastern France's most desirable locations, Haute-Savoie. Chamonix is also nearby French borders to Switzerland and Italy, which only adds further to the cosmopolitan yet small-town feel of the space. It's no wonder that this town is one of the most popular around, with people of all nationalities visiting each year to enjoy the pristine snow and mountainous atmosphere.

From huge, stunning mountain ranges reaching over the town coupled with picturesque luxury chalets, rustic countryside properties and even hidden-away mountain huts - there's plenty to take in when you go to Chamonix. This makes it the perfect choice for repeat visits - with something new to discover every time.

Living in Chamonix

A steadily growing community, Chamonix now boasts over 8,900 residents within its town borders, making it the perfect location for those who prefer more of an urban vibe than experiencing the wilderness of the Alps. This population also means there's plenty to do in and around one of France's most popular ski resorts - the most popular of which is, of course, skiing itself. Six separate ski slopes are available in the nearby area to enjoy, with slopes fit for anything from beginners to professionals available on each.

In 2018, the Mayor of Chamonix announced a 24-million-euro project to begin the renewal of the popular and integral rail line, the Mont Blanc Express. With more upgrades and renovations promised in the future to make the resort location better than ever.

Culture and Lifestyle in Chamonix

For those who prefer scenery over action, Chamonix is a beautifully scenic town with stunning landscapes over the French Alps. Not to mention the suitably impressive views of the giant Mont Blanc, with the town sitting on the north side of the stone giant. Thanks to its prime location, excellent slopes and attractive appearance, Chamonix is one of France's oldest and most historic sites for skiing - lending it additional weight when it comes to living in this beautiful location.

For those who call Chamonix home, there's more to the town than simply tourist attractions, with plenty more to do within the town and surrounding area. A variety of restaurants and bars to suit all palettes are available within the resort areas, as well as more traditional dining in the town itself for those who prefer a more genuine experience. The Tramway du Mont Blanc also gives easy access to the nearby township of St Gervais, for further sightseeing and cultural opportunities.

Why Choose Chamonix?

As an up-and-coming, expanding resort, Chamonix has always been a popular location for those who love the outdoors and enjoy the slopes, but this beautiful mountain town has become so much more than that over the past few years. This is thanks to the introduction of luxury resort areas, cabins and more that have transformed the area from traditional into modern, with all the amenities you could need available at your fingertips.

As one of the most popular resorts in France, there's always demand for this beautiful town and there has been for a very long time. Many say this is a result of consistently beautiful scenery, excellent slopes for all ages and levels and the prime location of Chamonix, nestled right on the border of both Switzerland and Italy. The Grands Montets–Argentière is considered one of the best in the country, with over 29 kilometres of slopes available to enjoy.

Weather in Chamonix

For skiers or fans of winter sports, understanding the snow report and weather report for Chamonix is essential to get the most out of the beautiful town. The usual winter ski season runs between December-May, depending on when the snow descends. Around this time of year is when you're most likely to be met without thousands of tourists, families and couples making the best use of the slops around the town and enjoying the winter weather.

For those who love all aspects of outdoor sporting, from skiing to snowboarding and mountaineering to rock-climbing, Chamonix is an ideal resort - with a little bit of everything to satisfy all curiosities.

Transport to Chamonix

Thanks to the popularity of this location, transport links are already well-oiled and planned for all the resorts within the area. The town is located less than one hour away from Geneva airport, making it practical for long weekends or short visits as well as for visitors from all over the globe.