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Discover hiking in dual season ski resorts

Hiking is a superb way to enjoy the mountains during the summer season. After the ice melts, you’ll enjoy the chance to see your favourite slopes in a whole new way. Alpine meadows, sweeping pine clad vistas and newly emerged wildlife will give you a whole new aspect to your mountain lifestyle.

Owning a home in the mountains gives you the chance to really get to know the area and our range of beautiful properties in exceptional dual season resorts will open up a whole new mountain experience.

Health benefits of hiking

Clear mountain air and stunning views mean mountain living has long been a port of call for anyone who needs a health boost, but did you know hiking is one of the best all round health giving activities? It’s a superb workout for body and mind - here are some of the top health benefits of hiking.

Reduce body fat

Hiking is a great way to get an aerobic workout - the kind that really burns calories. Choosing fast hikes or steep gradients means getting the recommended amount of aerobic exercise is easy and arguably more enjoyable than pounding a treadmill. 

Improve muscle tone

Hiking is a great way to keep those ski muscles in great condition between seasons. You’ll tone calves, quadriceps and hamstrings to maintain definition and minimise muscle loss. 

Stronger bones

Hiking is a low impact activity which means less loss of bone density. Your bones become stronger, which will counteract the impact of age related bone weakness, plus all that lovely vitamin D is a great bone booster too. 

Happy heart

Hiking is a great way to boost your heart rate and regular activity will reduce the risk of cardio disease and stroke. Stats from the British Heart Foundation show that the risk of heart disease drops by an impressive 35% for those with a more active lifestyle. 

Dial down the risk of disease

Regular exercise has a huge impact on a range of health conditions including diabetes, asthma and some types of cancer. Even moderate exercise can have a significant impact, and the combined effect of increased activity and reduced body weight means hiking is a great choice. 

Positive impact on brain health

Regular activity like hiking also has a positive impact on our brain. Walking actively prevents shrinking of the hippocampus, which prevents memory loss and regular aerobic exercise in older people can help prevent diseases like dementia. 

Hiking improves mental health

Being outdoors has a huge impact on our mental well being. We gain a sense of perspective and are able to step back from day to day worries. Spending time outdoors can have a positive impact on conditions like depression and anxiety. The combination of physical activity with natural beauty makes hiking hard to beat when it comes to all round health benefits. 

Do I need to own my own property to really enjoy hiking? 

This is a great question, and the immediate answer is of course you don’t. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy the mountains without living in them - that’s what thousands of renters do each year. Owning your own home in the mountains brings a host of benefits though, and not just the chance to luxuriate in your own hot tub whilst gazing at some of the best views in the world. 

Owning a mountain home means really getting to know the landscape

Owning a home in the mountains means you’ll spend time in the mountains in different seasons. You’ll get to understand the way the leaves change, the way the light hits the porch at certain times of year, the exct moment that you’ll hear a particular bird call. Owning a home in the mountains means you’ll get an even closer relationship with the things that you love and gain a deeper understanding of the landscape. 

Owning a dual season home means getting to know the mountains

Spending more time in the mountains means you’ll develop inside knowledge of the various mountain paths. You’ll be able to discover your favourite hiking routes away from the tourist trail, and be able to enjoy the big name routes at quieter times of the year. 

Owning a mountain home means becoming part of the community

Owning your own home in the mountains gives you a chance to become part of the community. Rather than breezing in and consuming all the great things on offer, you’ll have the chance to spend time getting to know the local village or town and become part of a unique community. 

Buying a dual season property

This summer could be the perfect time to discover your new home in the mountains and combining a hiking holiday with a series of property viewings is a great place to start. Chances are you already have a favourite resort in mind, but if not here are a few of our favourites. 

Dual season property in Samoens and the Haute Giffre

 This is a real walkers paradise - whether you want to enjoy a gentle riverside stroll, or hikes at altitudes of 3100m this glorious corner of France has it all. Add in the impossibly pretty village of Samoens, complete with vibrant community and you have a dual season resort that comes close to perfection. 

A brand new freehold apartment in near to Samoens

Dual season property in Andorra

Home to the Ordino biosphere, Andorra offers an array of unique experiences. This tiny principality is perfectly placed for skiing, and enjoys some of the most beautiful hikes in Europe. Experienced hikers will head to the Vedat and TCB routes which are 3,510 m and 3,670 m long respectively. For a gentler pace, seek out Pla de la Cot or Sobirans which have lower elevations and cover a shorter distance. Dual season properties in Andorra offer a chance to get to know a really special landscape. 

Historical hiking in Trento

If you like a summer hiking break with a hint of history then Italy is hard to beat.The area around Trento is dotted with historic buildings, old mills and ancient chestnut forests. You’ll find stunning 360° views of the Bondone massif if you hike from Viote to La Rosta, and the route from Ravina Palon gives challenge-hungry hikers the chance to reach altitudes of 2135m. 

Property with Superb summer hiking in Trento

Mountains of property

Discover your ideal dual season home in the mountains as part of your summer hiking holiday. You can join our property alert service to receive up to the minute details of homes in your favourite areas and we can help you arrange a viewing trip as part of your mountain getaway.